Colors bursting across the sky, Soul is thirsting to rise and fly, Into the air, escaping life, Away from care, worry, strife; Above the earth, toward the sun, Full of mirth, reckless fun. No path to trace from those before, An open space, my open door. My spirit sails on endless seas, A course unveiledContinue reading “Escape”

Photo Prompt

I participate in several writing prompts, but I don’t normally host them myself. Just out of curiosity, I wanted to try this one. This is a photo of a door under the stairs that leads to the basement of the house in which I am living. At the bottom of my basement stairs, there isContinue reading “Photo Prompt”

No Time

Waiting too long at traffic lights– It’s no delight. People too slow, They need to go. The light turns green, thank God, at last! Step on the gas. I’m out of sight, It’s time to write. Sixty seconds left on the clock; Life’s run amok. I don’t have time, To end this rhyme. Copyright ©Continue reading “No Time”

Through the Mist and Fog

Through the mist and fog, We traveled; Mysteries of song, Unraveled. To subside our fears, We talked; Lest something hiding near, We walked. O’er the ground we’re rushing, In retreat; Leaves all around, we’re crushing, ‘Neath our feet. Howling in the woods: They’re calling, Prowling; nothing good, Befalling. Stopped ahead in our path– A beast;Continue reading “Through the Mist and Fog”

Free or Fate?

Is it for us to lead our fate,To circumvent our final date?Have we the power over death,To decide, ourselves, our last breath?We change our minds, our course, reverse.Does that then change the universe?Do we bend to our Maker’s will,Unwittingly, His plan fulfill?Are we pawns in God’s game of chess,Mindless robots and nothing less?Christian and atheistContinue reading “Free or Fate?”


“Tools” My dad had no use for grammar, Never helped me with my school; His skill was with his hammer, And words became my tool. My mom would use a wooden spoon, When baking cakes or cookies, And sometimes when we misbehaved, She’d use it on our tushies. My cat can use her claws, ToContinue reading “Tools”

An Ode to Darkness

Darkness, if it weren’t for thee,What would we know of light?We’d sweat and toil on endlesslyIf there were not a nightWhere would we hide our greatest sinsBut the darkness of our souls?We needn’t take a Savior in,If we’re ever pure and whole.We could not see the time of day,If no darkened shadows grow.Is it timeContinue reading “An Ode to Darkness”