Would You Like Chocolate or Cheese on Your Cheerios?

A Breakfast Poem A Breakfast Poem “Would you like chocolate or cheese on your Cheerios?”Asked a server in a serious voice.It seemed like a crazy question;Who would make either choice? “I’ll have milk,” I said with hesitation;My brain was a little foggy.“But put it on the side,” I added;I didn’t want them to get soggy.Continue reading “Would You Like Chocolate or Cheese on Your Cheerios?”


“Beauty” If beauty’s within, then isn’t it funny,That cover girls make so much money?Beauty’s skin deep,But talk is cheap,So I’m still gettin’ Botox, Honey! Copyright © 2023 Brandon Ellrich This poem was written in response to Aishwarya’s guidelines for W3 Prompt #49: Wea’ve Written Weekly on the Skeptic’s Kaddish. Visit his page to see other responses.Continue reading ““Beauty””

The Box

A Poem The Box I thought my life was normal; Then I saw what others had. It was not what I experienced; Mine was hurtful, neglectful, sad. I wrapped my past in a little box, And tied it with a bow. “Doesn’t it look so pretty?” I put it out for show. Someone tried toContinue reading “The Box”


I built my prison not with bricks,Not with metal, wood, or stone.The material was giv’n by foes,But constructed by myself alone.Razor wire does not pierce my heart,Four walls do not constrain my soul;Instead, four letters are all that bind,And keep me from being whole.Insecurities and doubt,Make up the cage that holds me here.Locked away byContinue reading “Imprisoned”

Laugh Like a Child

This poem was written in response to W3 Prompt #33: Wea’ve Written Weekly on The Skeptic’s Kaddish, so please visit his page to read other responses. “laugh like a child” if you laugh we laugh like a youth or child for we inspire joy we plant seeds of peace and of feeling happy Copyright © 2022Continue reading “Laugh Like a Child”

Painted Child

Dear painted child, do not hide,Thy roots and innocence inside.Those that mock and shun thy birth,Cannot see thy priceless worth.Dear painted child, can they not see,Thy light inside, thy true beauty?Wilt they not deign to understand,Thy heritage of distant land?God made thee true–be free and wild,Be bold and proud, my painted child!Copyright © 2022 BrandonContinue reading “Painted Child”

Holding On

It’s hard to stay up when they keep knocking you down, It’s difficult to stay positive in a negative world, Your voice can’t be heard when you don’t make a sound, Want to be a grown woman but you’re just a little girl. Things could be better, but you don’t want to try, What doesn’tContinue reading “Holding On”

Songs of the Forest

Falling leaves festoon the forest floor as the Falsetto of falcons flows fluidly over the fields, where Faltering fawns flee fearfully from Following fellows with fierce fire. Birds beautifully balance on branches of Birches, where Blue Jays boast their bravado by Bursting with bountiful ballads, as Burbling brooks bubble on the banks below. Sonnets ofContinue reading “Songs of the Forest”

Empty Kingdom

Princes and Ladies danced in the Hall, While Kings and Queens would feast; Tapestries and paintings adorned the walls; Their riches would never cease. But time and change are constant foes, Relentless in their pursuit; The kingdom witnessed many woes, Their riches turned to loot. Now the birds dance through the Hall, Partnered by theContinue reading “Empty Kingdom”