Golden End

The Golden Gate, the golden sun, My last stop before I’m done. The Arch, the Needle, the Canyon Grand, I’ve seen the wonders across the land. Death’s not late; his appointments, he keeps, But not this time; and then I leap. Copyright © 2022 Brandon Ellrich This poem was written in response to Sadje’s WhatContinue reading “Golden End”

Happy Birthday, Sadje!

Sadje, a happy birthday to you, A nicer person, we never knew. Your support means everything to us; To know you, we should all feel blessed. From all the comments and words you write, Your positive spirit makes us light. From all corners of the globe, we say, We hope you have a happy birthday!Continue reading “Happy Birthday, Sadje!”

Painted Child

Dear painted child, do not hide,Thy roots and innocence inside.Those that mock and shun thy birth,Cannot see thy priceless worth.Dear painted child, can they not see,Thy light inside, thy true beauty?Wilt they not deign to understand,Thy heritage of distant land?God made thee true–be free and wild,Be bold and proud, my painted child!Copyright © 2022 BrandonContinue reading “Painted Child”

The Key and the Garden

An old brick wall stood behind the house Time attempted to bring it down, Bit by bit, cracking here and there A weathered and gray wooden door Donned a lock awaiting its key The key eventually found a sad, but curious girl And entrusted itself into her hand She united the key with its lockContinue reading “The Key and the Garden”


Colors bursting across the sky, Soul is thirsting to rise and fly, Into the air, escaping life, Away from care, worry, strife; Above the earth, toward the sun, Full of mirth, reckless fun. No path to trace from those before, An open space, my open door. My spirit sails on endless seas, A course unveiledContinue reading “Escape”

Through the Mist and Fog

Through the mist and fog, We traveled; Mysteries of song, Unraveled. To subside our fears, We talked; Lest something hiding near, We walked. O’er the ground we’re rushing, In retreat; Leaves all around, we’re crushing, ‘Neath our feet. Howling in the woods: They’re calling, Prowling; nothing good, Befalling. Stopped ahead in our path– A beast;Continue reading “Through the Mist and Fog”