“Beauty” If beauty’s within, then isn’t it funny,That cover girls make so much money?Beauty’s skin deep,But talk is cheap,So I’m still gettin’ Botox, Honey! Copyright © 2023 Brandon Ellrich This poem was written in response to Aishwarya’s guidelines for W3 Prompt #49: Wea’ve Written Weekly on the Skeptic’s Kaddish. Visit his page to see other responses.Continue reading ““Beauty””

Blind Dates

In some cases, it would’ve been better if I had been truly blind Blind Dates Several years ago, I was friends with a Southern Baptist preacher and his wife. This was before I came out. We played cards on the weekends and they were nice enough people, though the preacher was pretty much bipolar. TheyContinue reading “Blind Dates”

Happy Birthday, Sadje!

Sadje, a happy birthday to you, A nicer person, we never knew. Your support means everything to us; To know you, we should all feel blessed. From all the comments and words you write, Your positive spirit makes us light. From all corners of the globe, we say, We hope you have a happy birthday!Continue reading “Happy Birthday, Sadje!”