Superstitious? Not Me!

“The Interview” I interviewed Brandon Ellrich as we were eating lunch at a nearby cafe. I asked him a question regarding superstitions. Are you superstitious? “Of course not. That’s just silly.” What are you doing? “Eating my lunch.” No, I mean…with the salt. You threw it over your shoulder. “Oh, that’s just something you do.”Continue reading “Superstitious? Not Me!”

Just Look At Yourself!

Just Look At Yourself! Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years? Mostly in mirrors, I think. Perhaps the occasional window, pool, or other body of water. Mirrors are much clearer, though. I don’t consider myself a photogenic person. I look in the mirror and I think, “Eh…good enough.” Then, I’ll take a selfie and lookContinue reading “Just Look At Yourself!”


Sun/Son Sunlooks downfrom the skyas if a fatherjudging Sonlooks upfrom down belowas if in aweadmiring Copyright © 2023 Brandon Ellrich This poem was written in response to David’s W3 Prompt #54: Wea’ve Written Weekly on The Skeptic’s Kaddish. Please visit his page to read other responses. The prompt was provided by Sadje. Here prompt guidelines: ElfchenContinue reading “Sun/Son”

Zak the Cat

A Poem Zak the Cat Here’s a poem about my cat, Zak;His eyes are green and his fur is black. He is as soft as a baby bunny;When he rolls over it’s really funny. He lifts his paw when he wants attention;He shows no one but me his affection. His tail quivers when he wantsContinue reading “Zak the Cat”


Tulips display their colorsShortly in the SpringBut oh, how brightly they glow! Large green leavesIn case you didn’t see themIn case you didn’t know Some flowers need a fragranceOthers protect with thornsThe tulip stands on its own She doesn’t last all yearShe gives you just a tasteAnd then she lies down. Copyright © 2023 BrandonContinue reading “Tulips”

Camping With a City Girl

A Harrowing Tale of Survival Camping With a City Girl What was that? I don’t know. There’s something out there. Probably. What is it? I don’t know… A raccoon, maybe. An opossum. (*Howling*) Are those dogs? No, coyotes. Coyotes?! (*Howling continues*) It sounds like a lot of them. They can make it sound like it’sContinue reading “Camping With a City Girl”


A Poem SUMMERTIME Skin is sensing the scintillating sizzle of summer sun,Under the umbrella of undulating nebulas above.Meandering mothers mooing in meadows amid this,Magnificent Missouri morning.Even the ever-engaging Earth emits its energy, I,Remain relaxed in rare respite.Troubles take time to tarry,If I invoke the eidolon ideal,Master of motionless measure,Ending in the easy ebony evening. CopyrightContinue reading “SUMMERTIME”

Historical Moment

A Senryu Historical Moment Twenty twenty-fourWe’ll have the first PresidentThat’s on house arrest Copyright © 2023 Brandon Ellrich This poem was written in response to David’s W3 Prompt #50: Wea’ve Written Weekly on The Skeptic’s Kaddish, so check out his page to read other responses. The option I chose was the Senryu. Thanks for reading!Continue reading “Historical Moment”

Would You Like Chocolate or Cheese on Your Cheerios?

A Breakfast Poem A Breakfast Poem “Would you like chocolate or cheese on your Cheerios?”Asked a server in a serious voice.It seemed like a crazy question;Who would make either choice? “I’ll have milk,” I said with hesitation;My brain was a little foggy.“But put it on the side,” I added;I didn’t want them to get soggy.Continue reading “Would You Like Chocolate or Cheese on Your Cheerios?”


Even as the sun sets low in the west, rising voices jeer, A man is nailed to a cross to die, condemned not of guilt, but fear, Sinless, blameless, compassionate, kind, hated, mocked and scorned, Truly He was the Son of God, from the virgin Mary born, Even as the Son lay low in theContinue reading “Easter”