Tell Me No Secret

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Tell Me No Secret

Can you keep a secret? High school student Joe wishes he’d never been asked that question. In the small town of New Haven, Missouri, murder is not a common occurrence, so when Joe kills his “best bud” Brad, a tidal wave of shock washes over the community. It makes no sense that Joe killed Brad. However, among teens, you never know what evil lurks beneath the surface.

Take a journey inside Joe’s mind as he reveals the details, planning, and tumultuous emotions that went into murdering his best friend. It’s no mystery that Joe is guilty; he admits that on page one. The question is why? What causes a nice young man to commit a murder? The answer isn’t as clear as it initially seems.

Details slowly float to the surface as time moves from the present into the past. Joe might admit guilt, but who is truly to blame for Brad’s murder? Will those responsible for heinous acts be brought to justice? Keeping a secret can be risky, but in Tell Me No Secret, a group of teen friends discovers just how dangerous it can be.

I have been blogging on my site for several months now posting short stories, poems and articles. I am excited to provide my readers with a full-length novel. I hope you will all check it out, and if you buy it, please leave an honest review.

I have appreciated the loyal following I have with my blog and I hope that continues as I expand my role as an author. Thanks for reading!

Mother Knows Best

When I was sick she gave me herbs
And rubbed Vicks on my chest
They tasted and smelled awful
But Mother knows best

I usually like her cooking
But the broccoli I detest
I couldn’t get up ‘til I ate it all
Cause Mother knows best

I didn’t want to play with sis
Cause she was being a pest
But Mom said it teaches me patience
I guess Mother knows best

I didn’t want soap in my mouth 
For telling a lie, so I confessed
Other kids just got “time-outs”
But Mother knows best

I wanted to go out with my friends 
Instead of studying for a test 
But Mom helped me study and made flash cards 
Cause Mother knows best.

When I'm lonely, unhappy 
Sad or distressed 
I can depend on my mother
Cause she always knows best

Copyright © 2021 Brandon Ellrich

Happy Mother’s Day!

My “Pet”

In the U.S., May is National Pet Month. In honor of this, please enjoy this poem:

I have a pet; his name is Stick;
He doesn’t drool, bite or lick.

He’s a rescue pet; I’m not a liar;
He was about to be thrown on a fire.

I don’t have to spend money on grooming or feed;
And he goes where I tell him without a lead.

His maintenance doesn’t cost a dime,
But the neighbors don’t like him—he “barks” all the time!

Copyright © 2021 Brandon Ellrich

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"Pretty young maiden, for what dost thou pine?”
	“I wish for a beau whom I may call mine.”

“And what shalt thou do if given this treasure?”
	“I shall give him my heart and love without measure.”

Found she her beau and they joined at the altar;
	Loved him she did without fear or falter.

One winter day an offense was spoken;
	Her pride was hurt, her spirit was broken.

She gathered herself and haughtily rose;
	She went to her rocker and stuck up her nose.

She sat with a huff and her chin in the air,
	Engulfed in her pity in her old rocking chair.

Time traveled by as she sat there alone;
	Her true love forgotten, her heart turned to stone.

He asked for forgiveness; she would not but budge;
	Proclaimed he his love, but she held to her grudge.

“What grudge hast thou held to these many Decembers?”
	The old maid sat silent, for she could not remember.

Her love passed away, but pride held her tears;
	She pitied only herself o’er the years.

The old maid lived on and may still be there,
	Alone and resentful in her old rocking chair.

Copyright © 2021 Brandon Ellrich

Into the Deep

Strolling along the shore,
Sand dissolving beneath my feet.
As the tide lures it away,
So it pulls me too.

Pushing and pulling,
Pulsing back and forth.
Does it warn me away,
Or beckon me forward?

My chest feels the pressure,
As further I journey.
Not easy to breathe, 
Impossible to stop.

Embarking on darkness.

Copyright © 2021 Brandon Ellrich