Just Look At Yourself!

Just Look At Yourself! Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years? Mostly in mirrors, I think. Perhaps the occasional window, pool, or other body of water. Mirrors are much clearer, though. I don’t consider myself a photogenic person. I look in the mirror and I think, “Eh…good enough.” Then, I’ll take a selfie and lookContinue reading “Just Look At Yourself!”

Camping With a City Girl

A Harrowing Tale of Survival Camping With a City Girl What was that? I don’t know. There’s something out there. Probably. What is it? I don’t know… A raccoon, maybe. An opossum. (*Howling*) Are those dogs? No, coyotes. Coyotes?! (*Howling continues*) It sounds like a lot of them. They can make it sound like it’sContinue reading “Camping With a City Girl”


A Poem SUMMERTIME Skin is sensing the scintillating sizzle of summer sun,Under the umbrella of undulating nebulas above.Meandering mothers mooing in meadows amid this,Magnificent Missouri morning.Even the ever-engaging Earth emits its energy, I,Remain relaxed in rare respite.Troubles take time to tarry,If I invoke the eidolon ideal,Master of motionless measure,Ending in the easy ebony evening. CopyrightContinue reading “SUMMERTIME”

Blind Dates

In some cases, it would’ve been better if I had been truly blind Blind Dates Several years ago, I was friends with a Southern Baptist preacher and his wife. This was before I came out. We played cards on the weekends and they were nice enough people, though the preacher was pretty much bipolar. TheyContinue reading “Blind Dates”

Kansas City Chiefs to the Superbowl

KC Chiefs Beat the Cincinnati Bengals 23–20 I didn’t grow up as a “die-hard” football fan. I had some friends in high school that played football and I was in the marching band, so I began to understand the game. As I hung out with my friends, I became a fan of the Chiefs (IContinue reading “Kansas City Chiefs to the Superbowl”

5 Life Lessons from Alice

Give Your Life Balance by Looking at an Upside-Down World 5 Life Lessons from Alice  Tomorrow is Lewis Carroll’s birthday. I love his stories and poems and I think he had a brilliantly creative mind and imagination. His works were not only fun, humorous, and satirical, but contained true and significant life lessons. We canContinue reading “5 Life Lessons from Alice”

Happy Hanukkah

Hanukkah has begun– The Festival of Lights; Sufganiyot and latkes, For eight days and nights. Daily prayers are spoken, Reading from the Torah; Remembering miracles by, Lighting the Menorah. This Jewish celebration, Of the ending of oppression; A show of dedication, To this long-standing tradition. Chag Urim Sameach! Copyright © 2022 Brandon Ellrich Thanks forContinue reading “Happy Hanukkah”

11 Favorites and Facts About Me

A Writing Prompt For Your Dog, Cat, or Pet! Anything else? No? Good. I’m bored with these questions. If you want to ask anything else, talk to Brandon. He seems to like responding to comments and such, so go bore him with your pointless queries. He posts pictures, stories, and poems about me, so youContinue reading “11 Favorites and Facts About Me”