Writer’s Block

Staring down at this blank page, My ink grows brittle, dry with age,Too many thoughts racing ‘round, Yet I try to put them down.Passing by, found then lost, Upside down, turned and tossed.Whizzing by, a flash of light, Briefly seen, then out of sight.Blocked and trapped in this paper cage, Staring down at this blankContinue reading “Writer’s Block”

Humbly Bragging

Humility is probably the quality that I like to see the most in another person and I personally don’t like to brag or boast about my accomplishments; it feels uncomfortable to me. I know there are some great writers out there, but I try not to compare myself to others. I have found this WordPressContinue reading “Humbly Bragging”

Deep Work Requires Sacrifice

I recently listened to an episode of The Hidden Brain podcast about the subject “Deep Work.” Basically, the interview was detailing the benefits of focusing on a single task at a time. Many of us may believe we are already doing this, but if you answer your phone during the time that you’re working orContinue reading “Deep Work Requires Sacrifice”


We all have reasons why we don’t or can’t accomplish our goals. The truth is, the word “reasons” can easily be replaced with “excuses,” because that’s what they actually are. I can list so many obstacles that may prevent me from attaining what I want; we all can. The obstacles may or may not beContinue reading “Success”