Impossible Request

Play me a song, piano man;Grant me this request, if you can.I’m feeling down since my love left;I’m lost without him, sad, bereft;Are your skills worthy, honed, and deft?Play a tune that’s sad, but not grim,That causes the lights here to dim,Fills my eyes with tears to the brim;A song that reminds me of him.MusicContinue reading “Impossible Request”

Drumsticks, Social Butterflies, and Wallflowers

Brandon writes about different types of social personalities and how they function in group settings.

Humbly Bragging

Humility is probably the quality that I like to see the most in another person and I personally don’t like to brag or boast about my accomplishments; it feels uncomfortable to me. I know there are some great writers out there, but I try not to compare myself to others. I have found this WordPressContinue reading “Humbly Bragging”