Impossible Request

Play me a song, piano man;Grant me this request, if you can.I’m feeling down since my love left;I’m lost without him, sad, bereft;Are your skills worthy, honed, and deft?Play a tune that’s sad, but not grim,That causes the lights here to dim,Fills my eyes with tears to the brim;A song that reminds me of him.MusicContinue reading “Impossible Request”

Writer’s Block

Staring down at this blank page, My ink grows brittle, dry with age,Too many thoughts racing ‘round, Yet I try to put them down.Passing by, found then lost, Upside down, turned and tossed.Whizzing by, a flash of light, Briefly seen, then out of sight.Blocked and trapped in this paper cage, Staring down at this blankContinue reading “Writer’s Block”


I am not in favor or against the government; I just work for them. Hell, let’s just put it bluntly—I am owned by them. It’s not all bad, though. It’s my job to deliver tax refunds, among other things, so many people are happy to see me. Of course, it’s also my job to deliverContinue reading “Delivery”