The Box

A Poem The Box I thought my life was normal; Then I saw what others had. It was not what I experienced; Mine was hurtful, neglectful, sad. I wrapped my past in a little box, And tied it with a bow. “Doesn’t it look so pretty?” I put it out for show. Someone tried toContinue reading “The Box”

Humble Pie

A Shadorma Humble Pie Is the best dessert Stuff your face Eat it up You can never have enough Be grateful for it Don’t be shy It surely won’t hurt Make some space Fill you up Sometimes this dish can be tough Be grateful and sit Copyright © 2022 Brandon Ellrich This Shadorma poem wasContinue reading “Humble Pie”

Autumn Winter Wedding

This cadralor was written in response to W3 Prompt #26: Wea’ve Written Weekly at The Skeptic’s Kaddish, so please visit his page to participate and/or read other responses. This one took some thought, and I’m not entirely sure I followed the specific parameters of a true cadralor, but I think I at least came close. PleaseContinue reading “Autumn Winter Wedding”

Impossible Request

Play me a song, piano man;Grant me this request, if you can.I’m feeling down since my love left;I’m lost without him, sad, bereft;Are your skills worthy, honed, and deft?Play a tune that’s sad, but not grim,That causes the lights here to dim,Fills my eyes with tears to the brim;A song that reminds me of him.MusicContinue reading “Impossible Request”


“Pretty young maiden, for what dost thou pine?” “I wish for a beau whom I may call mine.” “And what shalt thou do if given this treasure?” “I shall give him my heart and love without measure.” Found she her beau and they joined at the altar; Loved him she did without fear or falter.Continue reading “Resentment”

Learning to Write Poetry

After sharing a recent poem, I was asked “Where did you get your inspiration for that?” My immediate answer was, “I don’t know; it just . . . came to me.” In a way, I felt this was true, but every action first begins with a thought, so I decided to break it down. ItContinue reading “Learning to Write Poetry”