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Book 1: The Story of a Teenager Feeling Trapped

Book 2: A Glimpse into a Family About to Snap

Book 1 and 2 Collection


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Tell Me No Secret

I looked down at him, at his body.  Scenes from the past year flashed quickly through my mind.  So much had gone on, it felt more like a lifetime.  It had to end in death–either his or my own.  I couldn’t have taken much more.  Then I started laughing.  I don’t know why.  It was one of those nervous, uncontrollable laughs, not because something was funny, but maybe to remove myself from the reality of what just happened.  Born out of disbelief about what I had just done.

Can you keep a secret? High school student Joe wishes he’d never been asked that question. In the small town of New Haven, Missouri, murder is not a common occurrence, so when Joe kills his “best bud” Brad, a tidal wave of shock washes over the community. It makes no sense that Joe killed Brad. However, among teens, you never know what evil lurks beneath the surface.

Take a journey inside Joe’s mind as he reveals the details, planning, and tumultuous emotions that went into murdering his best friend. It’s no mystery that Joe is guilty; he admits that on page one. The question is why? What causes a nice young man to commit a murder? The answer isn’t as clear as it initially seems.

Details slowly float to the surface as time moves from the present into the past. Joe might admit guilt, but who is truly to blame for Brad’s murder? Will those responsible for heinous acts be brought to justice? Keeping a secret can be risky, but in Tell Me No Secret, a group of teen friends discovers just how dangerous it can be.

Book 1: The Story of a Teenager Feeling Trapped

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“I should’ve killed myself this morning.

In a bigger city, being gay wouldn’t be so bad; at least, from what I’ve heard. But when you live in the Bible Belt, go to a small school, small church, small community, full of small minds, it’s not so easy.”

Teenage life is never simple. For Melissa, things are even more complicated. The first book in a two-part collection, Like a Mousetrap invites you inside the minds of a mother and her daughter who see the same events in radically different ways.

Melissa believes the only solution to her temporary turmoil is a final and irreversible one, while her well meaning mother wanders around blindly in denial. Will mother and daughter end up on the same page, or will this be their final chapter?

Like A Mousetrap: Book 1: The Story of a Teenager Feeling Trapped


Book 2: A Glimpse into a Family About to Snap

“I take the gun out and look at it in my hands. It’s all black, dull metal. It seems a little heavier now. Shooting at targets was nothing, but using it on an actual person… that carries a little more weight, doesn’t it?”

What happens when a teenager feels alone, unloved, bullied? There are many answers, but few solutions. The second book in a two-part collection, Like A Mousetrap Book 2 throws you in the middle of a family going through a separation. Take a journey inside the minds of each family member as they see one another in their own distorted ways. They think they know each other, but assumptions can be dangerous.


Book 1 and 2 Collection

Two stories, two families, two teenagers on the verge of decisions that will change their lives and those around them. 

Melissa’s family seems perfectly happy on the outside, but there’s a secret that could put their values into question. Josh’s family has some obvious communication issues, but suppressed emotions can have explosive results. Melissa and Josh have both been the targets of bullying, but have different reactions.

Told from different perspectives, Like A Mousetrap is a two-book collection of separate stories with similar themes. Delve into the minds of these individuals as they navigate tough life choices and experience the turmoil that leads up to those decisions. You’ll see that the characters’ thoughts, emotions and actions don’t always coincide. These families may think they know one another, but assumptions can be dangerous.

My heart beats excitedly, but I cannot deny the fear that rises up from within my soul.


What Readers are Saying

Iseult Murphy, Horror, Fantasy, and Science Fiction Author on Tell Me No Secret

“I really felt like I was in Joe’s head, and his reasonings and justifications were spot on. Congratulations to the author for writing such a nuanced and compelling character study.”


Angie Bailey, Author of The Secret Diary Of A Lockdown Mum on Like a Mousetrap

“This pulled at my heart strings and heightened my awareness. I was left wanting more. A must read.”


Official Review of Like A Mousetrap Book 2: A Glimpse into a Family About to Snap

“I think anyone could enjoy this book, but I would definitely recommend it to parents. Hopefully, they will pick up the same lesson that I did and find a way to express their feelings to their children.”


Official Review of Like A Mousetrap Book 1 & 2 Collection

Like a Mousetrap is an inspiring and thought-provoking book, and I cannot identify anything at all that I didn’t like about it. As a result, I would rate it a full 4 out of 4 stars for being so expertly written and presented. I look forward to reading other books from the same author.”


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