To fast, to yearn, reminds me to pray, To learn, to listen to what God might say. Apart from you, I thirst, I hunger, What God joined, man can’t put asunder. My memory, ‘tis true, it fades, it wanes, Our love, a cord, an unbroken chain, Mistakes, offenses, all in the past, Our souls, ourContinue reading “Fasting”

“She’s Perfect”

Just another “love story” before St. Valentine’s Day. Enjoy! He drives me crazy, but I love him. He can be controlling, but we both know who holds the power in this relationship. He wouldn’t be anywhere without me. Sometimes I want to leave him, but I just can’t. We’ve been together for years and IContinue reading ““She’s Perfect””

Food For Thought

“You are what you eat, you know,” you may have heard it said; So what form of nutrition, is better to be fed? Eat some sweets to help you have, a pleasant countenance; A slice of homemade humble pie, to curb your arrogance. Take any hurtful comments, with a grain of salt; To err isContinue reading “Food For Thought”