To fast, to yearn, reminds me to pray, To learn, to listen to what God might say. Apart from you, I thirst, I hunger, What God joined, man can’t put asunder. My memory, ‘tis true, it fades, it wanes, Our love, a cord, an unbroken chain, Mistakes, offenses, all in the past, Our souls, ourContinue reading “Fasting”

“Building” Relationship

A sight from a distance — he’s attractive; Plans in my mind are made.Eye contact and a friendly chat; The foundation has been laid.We walk, we talk about where we grew up; Framework is starting to form.We insulate with talk of family; HIs smile is friendly and warm.Secrets revealed and like a roof o’erhead, IContinue reading ““Building” Relationship”


Holding you inside my heart Even though we’re far apart Always yours Rest assured Together our love is pureCopyright ©️ Brandon Ellrich 2022 This acrostic poem was written in response to Thursday Inspiration #182 Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now. Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this post, please click the like button and leave aContinue reading “Heart”