Even as the sun sets low in the west, rising voices jeer, A man is nailed to a cross to die, condemned not of guilt, but fear, Sinless, blameless, compassionate, kind, hated, mocked and scorned, Truly He was the Son of God, from the virgin Mary born, Even as the Son lay low in theContinue reading “Easter”

Unbelievable Gift

Darkened hearts in a darkened world, Needing to see the way; A Son, a star, shines its light, To the stable where He lay. Far too lowly, far too humble, For many to conceive; So graciously loving, so purely simple, To merely just believe. We are His children, we are His chosen, Forsaking, leaving never;Continue reading “Unbelievable Gift”

Happy Hanukkah

Hanukkah has begun– The Festival of Lights; Sufganiyot and latkes, For eight days and nights. Daily prayers are spoken, Reading from the Torah; Remembering miracles by, Lighting the Menorah. This Jewish celebration, Of the ending of oppression; A show of dedication, To this long-standing tradition. Chag Urim Sameach! Copyright © 2022 Brandon Ellrich Thanks forContinue reading “Happy Hanukkah”

Apart at Christmas

During this time of thanks and giving, I’m grateful for a reason for living. Your commitment, your strength gives me a lift, And I could ask for no other gift. The love, the faith, the bond we share, Immeasurable, beyond compare. This Christmas, one wish comes from my heart, That we’ll never spend another apart.Continue reading “Apart at Christmas”

Thanksgiving “Appetizer”

If you eat your Thanksgiving turkey,And you’re feeling kind of jerky,‘Cause you look at family members,And it prompts you to remember,All the arguments you’ve had,With your uncle and your dad.You start getting indigestion,But I have a good suggestion:If you have a grateful attitude,And your heart is filled with gratitude,And you focus on what’s good,Treating peopleContinue reading “Thanksgiving “Appetizer””

A Witchy Limerick (Almost)

There once was a clumsy witch, And one day she got an itch, To go to Dracula’s house to get a view, But she lost control and broke right through; When she did she yelled “Son of a––Goblin!”…? Copyright © 2022 Brandon Ellrich This poem was written in response to Simply 6 Minutes – WelcomeContinue reading “A Witchy Limerick (Almost)”