Into the Deep

Strolling along the shore,
Sand dissolving beneath my feet.
As the tide lures it away,
So it pulls me too.

Pushing and pulling,
Pulsing back and forth.
Does it warn me away,
Or beckon me forward?

My chest feels the pressure,
As further I journey.
Not easy to breathe, 
Impossible to stop.

Embarking on darkness.

Copyright © 2021 Brandon Ellrich

Walking in the Rain

I saw a woman walking,
	In the rain one day.
She hadn’t an umbrella,
	As she went along her way.

When the sun came out,
	I saw not hide nor hair,
But when the sky turned gray,
	She was always there.

I wondered at her actions,
	And so I asked her why.
She said, “On rainy days,
	No one can see me cry.

“I wanted for so long,” she said,
	“To speak, but never dared;
Wanting not to be a burden,
	I thought that no one cared.”

As we walked along,
	Our conversation grew.
She shared with me her story,
	Until the sun shone through.

She hardly even noticed,
	The sky o’erhead had brightened,
And as she poured her soul,
	Her mood also had heightened.

The next time that you see someone,
	Walking in the rain,
They may need you to listen,
	To take away their pain.

For all the hurt and heartache,
	Stored up over the years,
Cannot be washed away,
	By raindrops or with tears.

Not everyone may have,
	A sister or a mother.
Show compassion for your neighbor;
	Be kind to one another.

Copyright © 2021 Brandon Ellrich


The hairs on her back stood up,
A sound escaped her throat;
A warning to her enemy,
An expression to emote.

Her ears flattened to her head,
Her eyes were needle thin;
A paw was raised in readiness,
You could hear the drop of a pin.

A flinch and then a pounce,
Quick as a lightning flash;
A growl, a hiss, extended claws,
She swiped with a vehement slash.

Kicking, biting, a yowl or two,
They broke apart, fell silent;
Never have I witnessed,
Such playfulness so violent!

Copyright © 2021 Brandon Ellrich

Lost in the Fog

Fog rolls in,
Hazy, white, opaque.
Doubt, uncertainty,
Ready to break.

Cold, misty morning,
Unsure, unclear,

Lost, alone,
Aimlessly wandering.
Ready to give up,
Destructive pondering.

A friend appearing,
A lighthouse shining.
A hope, a path,
Destination redefined.

Faith in direction,
No longer drifting.
The end in sight,
Fog is lifting.

Copyright © 2021 Brandon Ellrich


“Arise, O sun, from out the east,
    Give light to my creation.
Arise, O man, from out the dust,
    Make sons and tribes and nations.”

Arise did sin from Satan’s lies,
    And man’s own greed within.
“Arise, O sea; kill all, but save,
    The ark and those therein.”

Arise, again, did sin and sought,
    To rule in every soul;
But God had plans, His grace to give,
    And Heaven be the goal.

“Arise, O star, o’er Bethlehem,
    Give light to travelers far.”
God’s Son came down to bear our sins,
    And meet us as we are.

“Arise, O Son, from out the grave,
    Give light to darkened hearts.
Arise, ye sinners, take my gift,
    My Spirit to impart.”

Arise with me this Easter morn,
    Accept His call to you.
Arise to meet Him in the air,
    With shouts of Hallelu!

Caturday, April 3, 2021

In honor of National Poetry Month, this Caturday post is in the form of a poem. I hope you enjoy it! As always, please leave a comment and click the follow button if you would like to see future posts from me.

Copyright © 2021 Brandon Ellrich