Being in the Closet Isn’t So Bad

Being in the closet isn't so bad

In the Closet

Being in the closet is great, isn’t it? See how warm and cozy it looks? There’s nobody in there to bother you and it’s just sooooo comfortable. I don’t see why anyone would want to leave such a safe and cozy place! But, then again…it gets kind of lonely in there, doesn’t it? Nobody is able to see who you really are because your true self is hidden away. It’s not as much fun either, is it? You can’t really relax, let loose and be yourself, because what if somebody realizes who you truly are, what you like, who you like? You’d be making yourself vulnerable, and that can be dangerous, right? But…it can also have its rewards.

Coming Out

If someone sees who you are, then they might relate to you, even like you. That like may even turn into love. Your friends and family would gain more insight into you are and become more empathetic toward your feelings. If you open the door and come out, it will be a lot brighter, bigger–a whole new world would be opened up.

The Decision

Being in closet is fine, though. Just stay in there with the towels and be comfortable, if you want to; it’s up to you. Maybe you’ll go unnoticed and you’ll never have to take any risks. You may never find true friends, you may never find love, but who needs any of that? You’ve got yourself and the darkness, and maybe a few blankets and washcloths.


*I should add here that I am not trying to make light of the experience of coming out. I know that it is a very difficult process for some people. I am also not trying to prod or cajole anyone into making a hasty decision. Everyone’s journey is different and I do not presume to know everyone’s circumstances. My own journey has not been easy and I wish for everyone to have a much smoother experience than I. These are just some of my own thoughts, a commentary–just something to think about. Basically, I saw my cat had gotten into the closet, it sparked a thought, and it went from there. I wish you all to be safe, be well, be happy.

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Published by Brandon Ellrich

I live in Central Missouri and enjoy reading, writing, playing tennis, watching movies, and exploring creative outlets. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology and I love to take my readers inside the minds of my characters.

2 thoughts on “Being in the Closet Isn’t So Bad

  1. I think this is highly relatable to many facets of life. Although the phrase “coming out of the closet” primarily refers to announcing your sexuality, I think it’s fair to say many people live in a closet of sorts. We burrow into that cozy place where nobody can hurt us again…even though it’s lonely and isolating. Beautifully penned.

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