Rain Cycle

The rain is dripping, sprinkling, The ground is soaking, drinking.The seeds are sprouting, growing, The rivers are rippling, flowing.The sun appears, shining, burning, Plants are drying, turning.Water dries, evaporates, Clouds conform and condensate.The rain is dripping, sprinkling…Copyright © 2022 Brandon Ellrich Thank you for reading! If you enjoyed this poem, please click the like buttonContinue reading “Rain Cycle”

Rowen Winter

*This is a chain verse using a string of Haikus Rowen Winter ode to our Mother Earth in this winter season unable to cry crime of our passion shunning the awe of nature urn holds the ashes she’s grieving the loss ostracized to mourn alone owns no blame herself selfish disregard guarding our own interestContinue reading “Rowen Winter”

Songs of the Forest

Falling leaves festoon the forest floor as the Falsetto of falcons flows fluidly over the fields, where Faltering fawns flee fearfully from Following fellows with fierce fire. Birds beautifully balance on branches of Birches, where Blue Jays boast their bravado by Bursting with bountiful ballads, as Burbling brooks bubble on the banks below. Sonnets ofContinue reading “Songs of the Forest”