An Ode to Darkness

Darkness, if it weren’t for thee,What would we know of light?We’d sweat and toil on endlesslyIf there were not a nightWhere would we hide our greatest sinsBut the darkness of our souls?We needn’t take a Savior in,If we’re ever pure and whole.We could not see the time of day,If no darkened shadows grow.Is it timeContinue reading “An Ode to Darkness”

Lyin’ or King?

For this prompt, I have created two very different responses. I hope each one evokes an emotional reaction. King? Who am I? My name’s Claude. Some call me “King of the Beasts.” Don’t let the name fool you. The hyennas still charge me WAY too much for coffee. They say I’m getting a “royal” discountContinue reading “Lyin’ or King?”