No Time

"No Time" - Image shows a clock on a wall. It has a white face, black numbers and hands, the hands indicate 5:50.
Photo by Cats Coming on
Waiting too long at traffic lights–
It’s no delight.
People too slow,
They need to go.

The light turns green, thank God, at last!
Step on the gas.
I’m out of sight,
It’s time to write.

Sixty seconds left on the clock;
Life’s run amok.
I don’t have time,
To end this rhyme.

Copyright © 2022 Brandon Ellrich

This little “Minute Poem” was written in response to W3 Prompt #24: Wea’ve Written Weekly at the Skeptic’s Kaddish, so please visit his page to participate and/or read other responses.

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Published by Brandon Ellrich

I live in Central Missouri and enjoy reading, writing, playing tennis, watching movies, and exploring creative outlets. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology and I love to take my readers inside the minds of my characters.

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