The Contest

The Contest - a picture of three wooden utensils--a spoon, fork and knife.
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We were made for only one purpose: to be eaten. 

But first, we will have to wait. We are put on display while we anticipate our death sentence. The ravenous beasts come by and gaze at us hungrily, almost lustfully. They are not allowed to eat us, however, until the bell is rung. 

Just as it does every year, the crowd will gather. The spectators will watch and cheer as they witness us being manhandled, torn apart by salivating mouths full of teeth. Their jaws will move as quickly as they can while swallowing at the same time, almost choking on their meal. Those monsters will gorge themselves in this contest. Yes, a contest. Can you imagine? The gluttonous animals do not even eat out of hunger, but sport. 

As we knew it would, our time has come. We are taken and each placed before a different beast. They smile as they look down upon us.

“Ready!” someone yells.

“Set…” They lean forward.

Then the bell rings–the sound that signals our doom.

Nickie claps and giggles with glee as the contestants plunge their faces into the pumpkin pies in front of them. The crowd cheers, “Eat! Eat! Eat!” for just a few minutes until one of the contestants stands up with his hands in the air.

“And the winner of this year’s pie eating contest is…Derek Montgomery!”

The crowd cheers and applauds. 

Pieces of crust and globs of pie filling are cleaned up and discarded. Until next year.

Copyright © 2022 Brandon Ellrich

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