Painted Child

Dear painted child, do not hide,Thy roots and innocence inside.Those that mock and shun thy birth,Cannot see thy priceless worth.Dear painted child, can they not see,Thy light inside, thy true beauty?Wilt they not deign to understand,Thy heritage of distant land?God made thee true–be free and wild,Be bold and proud, my painted child!Copyright © 2022 BrandonContinue reading “Painted Child”


Reminiscence of my sin initiates repentance; It imitates the semblance of innocence. I try to deny my primal desires, And imply the fire inside has died. I make haste to erase this hated face, And replace the trace with untainted space. You can fool a few, but if you do, too soon, The new willContinue reading “Inescapable”


Holding you inside my heart Even though we’re far apart Always yours Rest assured Together our love is pureCopyright ©️ Brandon Ellrich 2022 This acrostic poem was written in response to Thursday Inspiration #182 Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now. Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this post, please click the like button and leave aContinue reading “Heart”

The Key and the Garden

An old brick wall stood behind the house Time attempted to bring it down, Bit by bit, cracking here and there A weathered and gray wooden door Donned a lock awaiting its key The key eventually found a sad, but curious girl And entrusted itself into her hand She united the key with its lockContinue reading “The Key and the Garden”

A Witchy Limerick (Almost)

There once was a clumsy witch, And one day she got an itch, To go to Dracula’s house to get a view, But she lost control and broke right through; When she did she yelled “Son of a––Goblin!”…? Copyright © 2022 Brandon Ellrich This poem was written in response to Simply 6 Minutes – WelcomeContinue reading “A Witchy Limerick (Almost)”

Autumn Winter Wedding

This cadralor was written in response to W3 Prompt #26: Wea’ve Written Weekly at The Skeptic’s Kaddish, so please visit his page to participate and/or read other responses. This one took some thought, and I’m not entirely sure I followed the specific parameters of a true cadralor, but I think I at least came close. PleaseContinue reading “Autumn Winter Wedding”

Creature of the Night

Silent creature of the night, Dimly featured by pale moonlight,Quitely cutting through the dark, Wisely judging its chosen mark,Balanced gracefully o’er the ground, Talons splayed, striking down,Noiseless attack from out the air, Helpless prey unaware,As the sunlight lingers near, The owl and moon have disappeared.Copyright © 2022 Brandon Ellrich Thanks for reading! If you enjoyedContinue reading “Creature of the Night”