Apart at Christmas

During this time of thanks and giving, I’m grateful for a reason for living. Your commitment, your strength gives me a lift, And I could ask for no other gift. The love, the faith, the bond we share, Immeasurable, beyond compare. This Christmas, one wish comes from my heart, That we’ll never spend another apart.Continue reading “Apart at Christmas”

Are You Thankful for Failures?

I wrote an article two years ago called Thankful? It has received the most “likes” and comments of all my posts, so I thought I would take it and revise/update it for this year’s Thanksgiving. Since it is Thanksgiving Day in the United States, I thought I should write something in regard to that occasion.Continue reading “Are You Thankful for Failures?”

Thanksgiving “Appetizer”

If you eat your Thanksgiving turkey,And you’re feeling kind of jerky,‘Cause you look at family members,And it prompts you to remember,All the arguments you’ve had,With your uncle and your dad.You start getting indigestion,But I have a good suggestion:If you have a grateful attitude,And your heart is filled with gratitude,And you focus on what’s good,Treating peopleContinue reading “Thanksgiving “Appetizer””

Six-Word Stories Vol.2

A while back, I wrote a blog of six-word stories. It seemed to be enjoyable to many people, so I thought I would try another one. If you’re not familiar with it, a six-word story is exactly as it sounds: It tells a complete story in only six words. This requires some very creative thinking.Continue reading “Six-Word Stories Vol.2”


Reminiscence of my sin initiates repentance; It imitates the semblance of innocence. I try to deny my primal desires, And imply the fire inside has died. I make haste to erase this hated face, And replace the trace with untainted space. You can fool a few, but if you do, too soon, The new willContinue reading “Inescapable”