500+ Followers!

500+ Followers!

Congratulations to Ushma Patel for being my 502nd follower and receiving a free copy of my book Tell Me No Secret! If you would like to visit her page, you can find it here: https://ushmapatelblog.wordpress.com/

I started this blog in July of 2020, but after blogging for about a year, I took a year off. I’m back at it now and doing well. To my followers, I hope you continue to enjoy my writing, and to any newcomers, I hope you find something that resonates with you and you will want to read more. I enjoy writing and I hope to earn enough from it that I can do it more often. Money shouldn’t be a determining factor in pursuing what you love; unfortunately, that’s just the way it is. One day, perhaps I’ll “get a break” and be able to focus more of my attention on this passion.

When I started this journey, I (like many bloggers) didn’t know what I was doing or if this pursuit would really go anywhere. I have been pleasantly surprised by the support I’ve received from readers and other bloggers. The audience I have gained has exceeded my expectations. I now have over 500 followers, more than 9,000 views, and over 4,700 visitors to my website. And just in case you were wondering, here are some of the most popular posts:

Untitled Poem – Post with most views and poem with most likes (Overall Post with 2nd most likes, 2nd most comments)

Thankful? – Post with most likes, most comments

Six-Word Stories – “Short Story” post with most likes

Coming Out – Flash Fiction with most likes

Crowded – (short story/flash fiction)

Fighting – (Poem)

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Warnings – (short story based on photo writing prompt)

I must say, it has surprised me what has resonated with readers, what garners the most views, most likes. The ones that have been the most popular are not ones I would have guessed or even chosen myself, which is fine with me; I like (pleasant) surprises!

I would like to give a “shoutout” to a few people who have been following me since I started:

June at The Godly Chic Diaries

Sundaram Chauhan

Kathy Falley at the Proofreading Nut



And a few others (some early followers, some new) who consistently give encouraging and supportive feedback:

Shobana Gomes at Simply Shobana

Barbara Strickland/Amorina Rose at Barbara Strickland – Author and Blogger

Ken Hume at Poetry and Prose of Ken Hume

Denise Scholander at articulate-creations.com

Sadje at Keep it Alive

If you want to see quality work, please visit their sites as well. That’s all for now, and I guess you can expect a similar post whenever I reach 1,000 followers!

Thanks for reading!

Brandon Ellrich

Published by Brandon Ellrich

I live in Central Missouri and enjoy reading, writing, playing tennis, watching movies, and exploring creative outlets. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology and I love to take my readers inside the minds of my characters.

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