11 Favorites and Facts About Me

A Writing Prompt For Your Dog, Cat, or Pet!

Photo shows an image of a calico cat's face
Photo by Brandon Ellrich
  1. What is your name, your age, and what are your breeds? My name is Zoe (make sure you pronounce the “e.” It’s not Zo). My breeds? I find that question offensive. I am obviously calico, but I am not defined by my lineage.
  1. What is your favorite food? I am not particularly picky, though I do not like human food. Exclusive cat food was good, but I hear it’s difficult to find. Right now I’m eating Purina One. 
  2. Who is your favorite human? Brandon, of course. He always knows what I want and gives it to me (within reason), and I bring him presents that I kill.
  3. Where is your favorite place to nap? I like the bed with the very soft blue blanket, but in the living room, it’s the sofa. I like to change things up, but those are the usual spots.
  4. Where is your favorite place to play? Play? I’m not a kitten. I’m 5 years old!
  5. Who is your animal best friend? Ugh…I hate this question. If I MUST choose one, it is Zak, but don’t tell him that, because he can be quite annoying. He licks my face all the time and is just so clingy!
  6. What is your favorite trick? I have a stuffed raccoon that I cause to twitter when I want to go outside. I wouldn’t call it a trick, though. It is merely the method with which I choose to communicate what I want to go out. It’s better than straining my vocal cords.
  7. What games do you love to play? Games? I thought we covered this. I am not a kitten. I suppose, on occasion, I’ll go after a moving string, but that’s ONLY to practice for hunting.
  8. Where is your favorite place to walk? We live out in the country now, so I roam quite a bit. There are a couple of barns with mice that I frequent.
  9. Do you love to swim? I don’t know, I’ve never tried, but why would I? The pond is so disgusting and it would take FOREVER for my coat to dry. No thank you.
  10. What is your favorite guilty pleasure that your humans might not approve of? Brandon may not like to find a half-eaten mouse on the porch, but I certainly don’t feel guilty about it. I sometimes try to sneak a bite of Zak’s food, but I know I’m not supposed to, so I suppose that qualifies.

Anything else? No? Good. I’m bored with these questions. If you want to ask anything else, talk to Brandon. He seems to like responding to comments and such, so go bore him with your pointless queries. He posts pictures, stories, and poems about me, so you should definitely subscribe to his blog. I’m the main attraction if you want to know the truth. The video of me using the raccoon got several thousand views on YouTube. I’m famous!

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