Joseph Oliver Ellrich

Joe was born on September 20th, 1989. He had his issues, his vices, as we all do; unfortunately, his particular addiction ultimately led to his death.

He was easily influenced by his “friends.” I use quotations to emphasize that anyone that introduces you to drugs–and especially those who feed an addiction that has already caused much harm–is not your friend.

He knew the pain that he was inflicting–not only himself, but upon his family and loved ones–yet he did not have the tools nor the strength of mind to pull himself completely away from it.

He tried many times to break free of the bonds that drug addiction had on him. It was like he was attached to a bungee cord. He could get away for a while, but when the cord was stretched, when the stresses of life were pulling at him, he no longer had the strength, and was jerked back into that world.

Joe was loving and caring, and was constantly joking and laughing on the outside. It was always fun to be around him and he made me laugh a lot. He also suffered from depression, which was a side that many people didn’t see.

Like A Mousetrap is dedicated to him, because there are so many people suffering in silence, and more awareness should be brought to those who are struggling and feeling alone. Joe was not even 30 years old, had so much potential and promise, and had yet a lifetime to fulfill it.

I put a phrase at the end of that book: Help someone, be a friend to someone, love someone. It is a simple phrase and simple acts, but the impact can be immeasurably great. I hope that you will follow that directive and, hopefully, prevent a tragic event. It will cost you nothing, but the reward will be priceless.

Published by Brandon Ellrich

I live in Central Missouri and enjoy reading, writing, playing tennis, watching movies, and exploring creative outlets. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology and I love to take my readers inside the minds of my characters.

9 thoughts on “Joseph Oliver Ellrich

      1. Oh Brandon, I’m so very sorry. Damn it. That is just crushing to hear. You have my heartfelt condolences, for what those are worth. I hope you’re making your way through the pain of losing him. Hang in there.

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      2. Thank you. It’s been 2 years, but he was much too young, so I still find myself in disbelief at times. I send his mother flowers on his birthday and it helps to know that it is a comfort to her.

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  1. I wondered how long it’d been. That’s so thoughtful of you to do that for Joe’s mom. I’m sure she’s very touched by your doing that for him, and for her. Sounds like you’re a kind soul. Take care and I look forward to reading you more. Hope you’ll follow me too. 🙂

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