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Like A Mousetrap: Book 1: The Story of a Teenager Feeling Trapped
I decided to write a “companion” to my book, Like A Mousetrap. I have made this the first one in the collection, but they are each stand-alone stories, so you can read them in any order. I hope you will check it out!

“I should’ve killed myself this morning.

In a bigger city, being gay wouldn’t be so bad; at least, from what I’ve heard. But when you live in the Bible Belt, go to a small school, small church, small community, full of small minds, it’s not so easy.”

Teenage life is never simple. For Melissa, things are even more complicated. The first book in a two-part collection, Like a Mousetrap Book 1 invites you inside the minds of a mother and her daughter who see the same events in radically different ways.

Melissa believes the only solution to her temporary turmoil is a final and irreversible one, while her well meaning mother wanders around blindly in denial. Will mother and daughter end up on the same page, or will this be their final chapter?

Published by Brandon Ellrich

I live in Central Missouri and enjoy reading, writing, playing tennis, watching movies, and exploring creative outlets. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology and I love to take my readers inside the minds of my characters.

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