A Cat Poem Dear calico, sweet calico,From whence you came, I do not know.Black and brown spots, white beneath,Even the bottoms of your feet.No symmetry in your design,Yet balanced as you walk the line.With mysterious, golden stare,Picaso’s work cannot compare.Lovely genetic selection,You are perfect imperfection!Copyright © 2022 Brandon Ellrich Thanks for reading! If you enjoyedContinue reading “Calico”

Caturday, October 28, 2022

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What I Want to Be

I want to be a porcupine, keep everyone away,It’ll give me an excuse when they don’t want to stay.To forget all of my past mistakes, I’d like to be a fish,But I’d forget the good times too, so I’m careful for what I wish.I could be a mouse and then, no one would notice me,AfterContinue reading “What I Want to Be”

Caturday August 20, 2022

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