A Golden Shovel

image shows an African-American woman in a white dress, standing in a wheat field with the sun shining behind her head
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This series of haiku was written in response to David’s W3 Prompt #41: Wea’ve Written Weekly on The Skeptic’s Kaddish, so please visit his page to read other responses.

In honor of Black History Month, I chose to pay homage to Sonia Sanchez. I included a link to her page if you’d like to read about her and her work.

Her haiku consists of 15 words, so I decided to write a series of five haiku, each line ending in the words from Sanchez’s poem, per the guidelines of the “golden shovel.”

Let me wear the day
Well so when it reaches you
You will enjoy it.

Sonia Sanchez

Each of these is a stand-alone poem, but they are connected by a theme.

If only I let
another know the real me
his love I would wear

Be happy for the
garment of the dawning day
It suits you so well

I would tell you so
much if only I knew when
your heart could take it

Ray of light reaches
down to settle upon you
and love’s warmth clothes you

Time imparts its will
but we must strive to enjoy
each moment of it

Copyright © 2023 Brandon Ellrich

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I live in Central Missouri and enjoy reading, writing, playing tennis, watching movies, and exploring creative outlets. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology and I love to take my readers inside the minds of my characters.

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