The Actor and the Realtor

This poem was “written” in response to David’s W3 Prompt #38: Wea’ve Written Weekly so please visit his page to read other responses.

The directions for this prompt were to use some type of computer generator to provide the first line of a poem and then follow it with two to 18 lines of our own. I used #3 Poem Generator. I decided to copy the generator’s entire poem and post it and then write my own as well.

In case you can’t tell, the first one is the computer’s. 😁

The Actor and the Realtor

See the contemplating of the actor,
I think he’s angry at the common factor.

He finds it hard to see the desk,
Overshadowed by the red levesque.

Who is that forgiving near the lamp?
I think she’d like to eat the steenkamp.

She is but a snarky accountant,
Admired as she sits upon a mountant.

Her gigantic car is just a bark,
It needs no gas, it runs on amusement park.

She’s not alone she brings a fountain,
a pet feline, and lots of intermountain.

The feline likes to chase a rock,
Especially one that’s in the hock.

The actor shudders at the sweet pot,
He want to leave but she wants the trot.

And now for my version (using the same first lines):

See the contemplating of the actor,
I think he's angry at the common factor.
The realtor is typing on her phone, 
Leaving him to tour alone.
He walks into an upstairs room;
It smells of death, regret, and doom.
Just one object alone exists,
His vanity cannot resist.
His arrogance and self-affection,
Cannot pass up his own reflection.
He stands before a dusty mirror, 
Leans in closer to see it clearer
A hand reaches out and grabs his tie, 
Draws him through to the other side
His conceit, vanity, and pride,
Keep him trapped forever inside.

Copyright © 2023 Brandon Ellrich

The generator couldn’t find a rhyme for “realtor” so it chose “accountant” instead; yet, it still kept the title of “The Actor and the Realtor.”

I enjoyed this venture; it was fun. But at the risk of sounding arrogant, I think my human-generated poems are better. 😁

As amazing as artificial intelligence is, I don’t believe it will get to the point that it can truly duplicate the artistic abilities of a human.

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Published by Brandon Ellrich

I live in Central Missouri and enjoy reading, writing, playing tennis, watching movies, and exploring creative outlets. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology and I love to take my readers inside the minds of my characters.

30 thoughts on “The Actor and the Realtor

  1. Great Post bro Brandon. The Actor and Realtor wow. Also, love the poem there and including the accountant in the poem is just good play , this line was great “The accountant’s car is big as a bark, it needs no gas it run on amusement parks” wow that’s nice🔥🔥


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