Theater Review: Rocky Horror Picture Show

Book, Music and Lyrics by Richard O’Brien

Presented by Padgett Productions — Nick Padgett, Producing Artistic Director

I had never seen Rocky Horror Picture Show (Yes, I can hear the audible *gasp* from my fellow gays), so I came into this experience almost completely unaware. I’d heard just bits and pieces about it — considered a “cult classic,” quite risqué for its time, men in drag, musical— but just never took the plunge and watched it myself. I saw that it was playing at the Black Box theater in Kansas City, and I’m glad that I finally took the opportunity to go.

Photo by Brandon Ellrich

It was an outdoor performance on October 30th and the weather was quintessentially Autumnal — not too cool, but just enough for a light jacket. Being an outdoor event, it was suggested that audience members bring a lawn chair with them. There was plenty of room and the stage was in view of the entire crowd. There was also a bar selling unique drinks.

Most performances were sold out when I bought my ticket, so that speaks to the quality and popularity of this venue. I purchased an optional “prop bag” (including a sheet of newpaper, a rubber glove, a playing card, and a glow stick) to use during the performance, not knowing how the items were to be used, but the announcer explained the items before the beginning of the show.

One of the singers gave the audience a chance to vote on Rocky’s “costume” before the show began. The choices being: 1) a pair of boy shorts, 2) bikini briefs, or 3) a thong — all three being a shiny gold color. Naturally, the audience cheered the loudest for the thong. 😏

Photo by Brandon Ellrich

I enjoyed the performance very much. It was funny, the players were very talented in both their singing ability as well as their acting, and the costumes and special effects were great. Audience participation was encouraged (i.e. the prop bag) and there were several people in the back of the audience calling out in response to many of the lines (as part of the performance), which added to the hilarity. Cameron Gunter played Rocky and he was perfect! He was attractive, had a flawless physique and a perfect butt! The audience definitely made the right choice with the thong! 😘

Photo by Brandon Ellrich

This is apparently an annual Halloween-time tradition in Kansas City, so I am looking forward to attending again next year. If you are in KC, Missouri around the end of October, I strongly recommend checking it out! Obviously, I give this performance 5 out of 5 stars.


Photo by Brandon Ellrich

*This review is my own opinion and I am not paid or endorsed by any company or entity.

Photo by Brandon Ellrich

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2 thoughts on “Theater Review: Rocky Horror Picture Show

  1. Looks like a super fun night! You’ve brought back memories of the first time I saw the show when I was a teenager. They had a rule—if it was your first night you were a virgin and had to dance on stage. I was terribly shy but don’t regret at all doing it!

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